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Prompt and Professional

Mr. Jairam Is one of the greatest and best attorneys my husband and I could’ve met and used for our case. He helped us tremendously in his amazing work will never go unnoticed by us. From the beginning, he has always been very informative and generous towards us. He always explains the Dos and Donts. He proceeded to always be proactive no matter the circumstances of the case, always prompt and professional. My husband and I went through a few obstacles during the process of UCIS due to an interview and the way Mr. Jairam. Professionally handled the situation in case was phenomenal. He is a man of integrity and his two great diligence. Thank you so much for helping the Belizaire family Mr. Jairam.

-Elysian E.

I Would Highly Recommend Him

I hired Shashi for a criminal matter.
Compassionate, understanding a full of knowledge regarding how the system works and the law. I would highly recommend him for any legal matters whatsoever. The man is quick to respond with any questions you may have and the service that I have received is truly unbelievable.

-S Grom

Understands Your Need

I hired Jairam for my criminal defense matter. He is really great lawyer and he understands your need, he really cares about my case and he does offer a payment plan. I recommend him to anybody that has a criminal background and he won’t disappoint you.

-Kemila Rhinvil

Highly Knowledgeable

Mr. Jairam was awesome he helped me get through a really difficult time in my life by getting my legal issues resolved as best as we could have hoped for. I highly recommend anyone looking for a great and highly knowledgeable attorney to hire him.

-Jevaughn Samuels

I Recommend Attorney Jairam

Attorney Jairam is highly knowledgeable about the immigration laws and very kind. He has assisted us in every part in order to obtain my Permanent Resident Status. I recommend Attorney Jairam to whoever needs a superb lawyer.

-Mara Nogimo

He Was Very Thorough

Shashi was great to work with. He is very knowledgeable. I was able to reach him when I have questions and he was very thorough when providing me with information. He helped me to get through the process with his encouraging words because I was stressing a lot. I would definitely recommend Shashi.


Truly Satisfied

I am truly satisfied with the result. Mr. Jairam has vast knowledge and experience in what he does. I appreciate his work and he has proven himself to be an excellent attorney. Mr. Jairam is simply an “A” class attorney!!

-Andrew Pang

He Was Very Responsive

J & J Law Firm, P.A. helped very much in my legal matter. He was very responsive and walked me through the entire process. I was able to get everything situated with clear instruction and guidance. I highly recommend J & J and will definitely keep his card.

-Henry A Castillo

Highly Recommended

I hired them to file my petition for a green card by marriage and the Guidance and legal advice was very professional, showing that they are very prepared people with vast knowledge on this type of case. I got my green card really fast. Highly recommended

-Daniel Adib Baroudi

They Are the Real Deal

Working with these gentlemen was the best decision I have made. They were very thorough with the process that we had to do and the explanation. I recommend these gentlemen to anyone. They are the real deal.

-Clayton Williams

I Will Not Hesitate to Recommend Him

From consultation to completion Mr. K.V. Jairam was knowledgeable, detailed and impeccable on immigration paperwork. I will not hesitate to recommend him and this law firm. Could not have chosen a better lawyer.

-Mary M.

He Gave Me an Affordable Price

I was on probation for a serious case in Broward County, I caught a new charge in Palm Beach County so I violated it. Luckily, I got reinstated but I didn’t like my lawyer’s work ethic so I dismissed him. As I was going across the Avoo website, I found him and the second I clicked on his profile. I knew he was the right attorney to hire. I gave him a call, he let me know about all the outcomes and told me that he’ll do his best to obtain the best results for me. I trusted him from that same moment, he ended up getting my charges dropped on my first hearing. On top of that, he gave me an affordable price, something you don’t find too often. I also regret not hiring him from the start. Mr. Shashi is the best lawyer in Florida.

-Rijkard Desrosiers

He Was Very Professional

Mr. K.V. Jairam helped us with our Adjustment of the Status case and he was great! He walked us through it and answer all of our questions. He is very knowledgeable about the immigration process and helped us to make sure we had all the paperwork that we needed before submitting. He was very professional and he definitely made us feel very confident through this process. We would definitely recommend him.

Thanks again, Mr. Jairam.

-Lorena Sarton

Highly Knowledgeable

Highly knowledgeable about immigration laws and has up-to-date knowledge of the latest and current immigration administrative practices. This knowledge is the key, which one cannot find in searching on the internet. His thoroughness in preparing the legal documentation for the case helped my Mom to get her green card in just under 7 months, without any queries or issues in that too in current non-friendly-immigration laws and regime.


A Great Immigration Lawyer

I had a conditional Green card that I hired a lawyer in Massachusetts to help me with, after little success with that lawyer I moved to Florida after getting out of a marriage that didn’t work out and was seeking a new lawyer to help me. I went online and saw great reviews about J & J Law Firm, P.A., and decided to give them a call. They took my case and within less than 6 months I got my green card. If you need a great immigration lawyer don’t hesitate to contact K.V. Jairam.


He Cared and Was Very Fair

I had an immigration consultation with Mr. Jairam. He was very helpful and listened carefully to my mom’s case giving us honest advice. He cared and was very fair. I recommend him for immigration consultations.


Very Organized and Fast

I hired Mr. Jairam for assisting me with removing the conditions from my green card. He was very organized and fast. I am very happy with the results I got after going through the process. Thank you and continue to do such great work.


Very Professional and Does Things in A Timely Manner

Mr. Jairam was able to assist us in getting my wife and stepson their green cards. We tried the first time ourselves but failed. He gave us guidelines for writing declarations, let us know what statuses to file taxes, assisted in assuring all documents were composed correctly. He is also very professional and does things in a timely manner. I really appreciate that he was there when we had our interview.


We Couldn't Have Asked for A Better Attorney

My husband and I hired Mr. Jairam to file all our paperwork and also represent us at our immigration interview. He was very knowledgeable and professional throughout our entire experience. Thanks to him everything went smoothly. We couldn’t have asked for a better attorney! Thank you, Mr. Jairam!


Compassionate, Understanding

I was charged with possession of marijuana and evidence tampering(felony).
All charges were dropped!!!!!
Compassionate, understanding Are just a few characteristics of this wonderful man. Exactly what he told me from the day that I met him is what transpired with my case. I hope I never have to see him again regarding law but will most certainly recommend him to anyone that needs a great lawyer and friend that they can trust.


He Was Always Available when I Have Questions

I consulted and hired Shashi for my DUI case. I was very comfortable after my first meeting with him because of how patient and informative he was. He was always available when I have questions. He explained my options thoroughly which made it easier for me to make my decision. I would definitely recommend Shashi, he is the best.


He Really Seems to Care About His Clients

They hired him to help me with my DUI and he helped me with so much more. He really seems to care about his clients and I so appreciate it.


Kept It 100% Real from The Beginning

I hired Mr. Shashi Jairam on a criminal case he was easy to deal with and kept it 100% real from the beginning. Communicating with me every step of the way and made me feel at ease. I didn’t have the money to pay one time so he made a payment plan to fit my budget. Thank you very much for your hard work.


I Highly Recommend Shashi!

I was charged with possession of cocaine. I hired Shashi who clearly explained all of the possible scenarios for my case (good and bad). Because I did not waste time in hiring Shashi, he had his paperwork on the state prosecutor’s desk before they even got to my file. Shashi was able to have my case dropped from a felony to a misdemeanor, and then worked to have my case completely dropped. I just had to complete an online class. I never had to go to court. I highly recommend Shashi!


You Can Put Your Complete Trust in Him

Shashi is great. Met with him right after I got arrested and 3 months later my charges were all completely dropped. You can put your complete trust in him that he will get the job done, whenever anyone asks me for a lawyer I now know who to point them to. Thanks, Shashi!


Virtual Appointments Available

We’d be happy to meet with you virtually via Zoom or phone. In some cases (usually Criminal Defense and DUI matters) you might not need to visit the office at all. Immigration and Expungement matters will likely require eventual visits to complete certain paperwork. If you choose a virtual consultation and decide to retain our firm, we can send your contract via email.

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