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DACA was created by President Obama to provide immigration relief from deportation for certain young people who were physically present in the United States on June 15, 2012, were under the age of 16 on that date and in unlawful immigration status by entering illegally or staying beyond their authorized time.

The young person must have graduated from high school or obtained a GED certificate or honorably discharged from the U.S. armed forces or the U.S. Coast Guard.

For issues related to DACA, you deserve honest and experienced legal counsel.

Certain criminal convictions are a bar to obtaining DACA such as for an aggravated felony, significant misdemeanor or three or more non-significant misdemeanors. There are certain exceptions to the criminal bars such as minor traffic offenses and juvenile delinquency which in reality is not convictions. Expunged convictions are not a bar to DACA.

DACA is discretionary and is issued for two-year periods and can be renewed but no new applications can be filed at this time for an initial grant of DACA.

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