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We can defend you in a variety of criminal cases, including:

Criminal Defense Cases in General

Clients often have many questions about criminal cases, such as, what should I do or what could happen to me? Here is some general information.

What To Do If You Are Arrested

Cooperate with law enforcement. Cooperation does not mean providing police with details about your case or letting them do whatever they want. You are required to answer basic questions about your identity. But you aren’t required to provide details about your case.

Don’t Talk About Your Case with The Police

If an officer asks you details about your case, politely ask to speak with an attorney. Remember, it is your constitutional right against incriminating yourself.

Consent to Search Car

If you are in your car during a traffic stop of any kind and an officer asks to search your car, politely refuse. The officer may have the right to search based on their observations and circumstances, but never give them your permission. You never know when a friend or prior occupant dropped something in the back.

Consent to Search Home

Never give an officer consent to search your home. They can get a warrant if it’s that important and they have probable cause. Note, if someone called the police to report a crime, such as a battery, the officer has the right with the alleged victim and that person can give permission for them to enter the house if they live there.

Seek guidance from an attorney who will aggressively fight for your freedom.

Severity of Charges & Possible Consequences

People often ask, what am I facing? What you are possibly facing, punishment wised, and what will happen are two different things. All the more reason to hire a competent attorney to defend you! However, here are some general possible consequences based on the severity of your charges:

  • Second Degree Misdemeanor: no more than 60 days in jail, 6 months probation and $500 fine.

  • First Degree Misdemeanor: up to a 1 year in jail, 12 months probation and up to $1000 fine.

  • Third Degree Felony: up to 5 years in prison, 5 years of probation and up to $5,000 fine.

  • Second Degree Felony: up to 15 years in jail, 15 years probation and up to $10,00 fine.

  • First Degree Felony: up to 30 years in jail, 30 years probation and up to $10,000 fine.

  • Life Felony: exactly as the name implies.

Common Outcomes in Cases

  • Dismissed or no-filed (dropped charges).

  • Deferred prosecution: This is a diversionary or pre-trial program which takes you out of the normal prosecution channels and permits you to do a program which results in a nolle-pros, following a successful completion. These programs can be either informal (do it yourself) or a formal probation type program. If you mess up, then you pick up where you left off. If you are successful, then your case is nolle-prossed or dismissed.

  • Have critical evidence suppressed, which could result in a nolle-pros

  • Plead Guilty and receive either a withhold of adjudication or an adjudication (a conviction).

  • Trial.

Call 561-847-4726 for a free consultation on your criminal case. We will prepare your defense and advocate for the best outcome in your case. We may even be able to secure a diversion based on your criminal history.

Virtual Appointments Available

We’d be happy to meet with you virtually via Zoom or phone. In some cases (usually Criminal Defense and DUI matters) you might not need to visit the office at all. Immigration and Expungement matters will likely require eventual visits to complete certain paperwork. If you choose a virtual consultation and decide to retain our firm, we can send your contract via email.

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