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A violent crime is when a person is harmed or threatened with violence. It can include simple unwanted touching all the way up to homicide. Common types of violent crimes are Assault, Aggravated Assault, Battery, Domestic Battery, Child Abuse or Neglect, Robbery, Battery on Law Enforcement Officer, Resist Officer With Violence, and Resist Officer Without Violence.

Assault, Simple Battery, and Resist Officer Without Violence are misdemeanors. While Domestic Battery is also a misdemeanor, it can carry some severe penalties and consequences. Domestic Batteries have specially assigned prosecutors and judges that only deal with these types of cases. As such, Domestic Battery receives specialized focus. In addition to the normal consequence of a Domestic Battery conviction, owning a firearm is a violation under Federal Law if you have been convicted of Domestic Battery. In Florida, if you are under a domestic violence injunction, you are also not permitted to own or possess a firearm or ammunition.

**Something important to keep in mind about Domestic Batteries—even if the victim doesn’t want to press charges that doesn’t mean that the state won’t prosecute. You should contact us immediately at 561-847-4726 to help you in such a situation. There are actions we can take to increase the chances of a non-prosecution.

Whether you were charged with a felony or a misdemeanor, we’re prepared to help you seek justice.

Any violent crime can jeopardize your liberty and have severe consequences to you. Employers will often immediately fire people who are charged with a crime of violence. And a conviction could negatively affect your job prospects for some time. You could also lose any professional license. There are also immigration consequences for non-citizens.

Call at 561-847-4726 for a free consultation on your criminal case. We will prepare your defense and advocate for the best outcome in your case. We may even be able to secure a diversion based on your criminal history.

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We’d be happy to meet with you virtually via Zoom or phone. In some cases (usually Criminal Defense and DUI matters) you might not need to visit the office at all. Immigration and Expungement matters will likely require eventual visits to complete certain paperwork. If you choose a virtual consultation and decide to retain our firm, we can send your contract via email.

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