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Violation of Probation & Warrants Attorneys in Palm Beach, Florida

Violating your probation is a very serious crime. Judges and prosecutors view it as basically rejecting the chance that you were given. Moreover, since you’ve already pled guilty, the standard for finding a violation is much lower. The judge only needs to find that you violated probation by a preponderance of evidence—basically a smidge over 50% chance that the claim is true; not the usual beyond a reasonable doubt with criminal cases.

However, violating probation does not mean that you have to be stuck in jail. Based on the circumstances of your probation violation, the underlying charges, your progress on probation, etc., we may be able to fight to get you reinstated or find other options than jail.

We're prepared to help you seek a favorable result.


A warrant is called a capias in Florida. If you missed a court date, there is almost certainly a capias for your arrest. But having a capias doesn’t mean you have to go to jail. We are often able to coordinate with the prosecutor to preclude you from being taken to jail on a missed court date. Call at 561-847-4726 to see if we can have your capias recalled and to help you resolve your case.