I recently hired Mr. Shashi for a legal manner and I could not of been happier with his legal services.

I did an extreme amount of research prior to hiring an attorney and ultimately decided to retain Shashi due to his stellar reviews on Avvo and google and his prestigious Military background.

During the initial consultation he took his time to really explain all the processes and what I should expect. I felt better knowing what to expect and Shashi was very thorough, there were no surprises, everything happened just as he stated it would.

He consistently communicated with me throughout the entire process and answered all of my questions. Whether I texted or called, Shashi got back to me extremely fast and made sure I understood.

He made the whole process as easy for me as humanly possible and I am very grateful for his help.

I am very happy that I retained Shashi and I would recommend him to anyone seeking legal counsel.

Seth W

I would strongly recommened Mr. Jairam to anyone with legal troubles. He is very caring & smart with the law. He was able to get me addmited into drug court after the prosecuter wanted to deny me. Any time i called him for anything he answered right away, or called me back litterally 2 mins later. Another thing i really liked about him is that he doesnt just treat you as a client but a friend as well.


I was charged with insurance fraud. The first two lawyers I contacted would not take the case because they did not understand the complexities. Shashi not only understood the details he further researched the statutes to prove my innocence. His experience with the District Attorney's office was very valuable. Shashi got my case dropped without a trial. If it had gone to trial I have the utmost confidence in his abilities. He is extremely intelligent. He communicated with me throughout the process always keeping me up to date with the progress being made. He really cared about proving my innocence. It was not just a job. I strongly represent Shashi for any legal matters.


Shashi has my strongest recommendation. He was the only lawyer I could find that understood my complex legal problem. He was willing to take my calls at any time and his fees are very reasonable. Shashi was easy to work with and really cared about my case. His expertise in the law is amazing. He thinks of everything!

Barney D.

I was referred to Attorney Jairam by a friend. I meet with him and I felt like he was the one. Shashi did not try or sell me a dream, or give me false hopes. My case was A DUI crash case, He was able to have the courts throw it out. The case was settled before the court date as well. In life, I believe people come into our lives for a reason. Shashi Jairam was most definitely God sent.


K. V. Jairam is absolutely wonderful to work with. He is very thorough, helpful, and quick in how he worked on my adjustment of status case.

Yana S.

We were faced with having to appear in court for a misdemeanor charge for a family member. We have hired Sashi Jairam in the past for other family members that had to appear in court, so we already knew he was the only choice for us. He worked with the prosecution and was able to bring this case to resolution with fairness and swiftness. He is with no doubt the best attorney a person can hire. He truely cares about his clients, and we highly recommend him.


Mr. Jairam was helpful throughout entire process of adjustment of status. Mr. Jairam is extremely thorough, organized, and knowledgeable. This was an easy experience relative to the difficulty of the process, and we would be happy to recommend Mr. Jairam to anyone seeking the same type of help.

Madeleine E

Shashi is the best. I was happy I hired him and would do it again if I needed to! He was able to get 4 Felonies dropped to a diversion with No jail time. He made no promises but said he would do his Best. When Shashi says he will do his best you are in good hands. He is smart and knows how to get the job done. I was able to call him any day of the week and he would either answer the phone or get back to me promptly. He never rushed me off the phone. He was so patient with my never ending questions. He answered all my texts promptly too. I was very nervous but he helped me with that too. And Shashi even helped me with a payment plan that I can afford. I felt like Shashi was my Guardian Angel through this whole process. If you want an Educated, Caring, Dedicated lawyer who gets Great results then Shashi is the man for the job!!!


Shashi Jairam is an excellent Lawyer. He did what he said he would and more! He exceeded my expectations. I am happy I hired him. He genuinely cares about his clients. He is easy to reach and responds to every phone call and text message promptly even on the weekend! He accommodated me with an easy payment plan. Shashi gets the job done! I would hire him again if I needed too! Thank you Shashi!!!

Anthony V

I was initially charged with a felony (Grand Theft). Shashi worked tirelessly and was able to get it down to a misdemeanor. Only had to do a class online and some community service and the case was closed. He is a great guy and an amazing attorney!!!! Highly recommend!!!!


I came to Shashi for a domestic case that could've ended with some serious consequences. As someone who hasn't been in trouble before, I was anxious about the outcome and the affect it could have on me. When the police don't have all the details, and story facts are twisted and embellished - it can be scary, as it feels out of your control. You want your truth to be known. Shashi is that voice for you. He's calm, cool, and collected. He will get your side of the story heard.

I interviewed several Lawyers before deciding to hire Shashi. In cases where your freedom and finances are threatened, you want someone that is strategic and experienced. With a 20-year military career, I felt there wasn't a better choice on how to handle this strategically. Also, as a successful former prosecutor - I felt I was in good, experienced hands. Shashi calmed my fears, and attacked the case with a smart approach. In less than a week, my case was dropped as a no file, and the cloud lifted from over my head.

If you're in trouble and you need representation, Shashi is the right choice!


I hired Shashi Jairam for a legal matter and he was ready to work 100% with me to get the best outcome that he could and he did just that. He handled everything for me and if I had questions he was only a phone call or text away. Shashi set up a payment plan that worked for me and made things much less stressful which I very much appreciated.

LiftedLifestyle 561

Shashi is a great attorney! He was very helpful and caring. He’s very flexible/reasonable with his payment plans. Also very up front with everything. I would recommend him to everyone honestly !

Edwine Jean-Louis

I had spoken to many attorneys Mr. Shashi was the only one who met with me at his office spent over an hour with me and didn't charge me a consultation fee. He provided me with many options always answered my calls even at night over the weekend. Mr. Shashi worked out a fair payment plan with me so I would be able to afford legal representation. He handled my legal matter in a quick and painless manner. I could not even dream of better legal representation.

Robert Bobby